Closed Campground

Many years ago my family planned a camping trip in the middle of winter, a very exciting time for us all. While packing and beginning to leave all the preparations were made. As we began to leave I remembered thinking… the campground even open?

After arriving, we found the campground was closed. We were prepared to camp, but could not. We were once excited and now equally upset, challenged with finding something else to do felt like disappointment.

While hiking, God began revealing some interesting similarities of closed campgrounds and relationships. An estranged relationship of mine had become a lot like the campground. I wanted nothing more than to have the relationship restored. I was prepared for restoration, excited for its mending, but just like the campground, the heart was closed and nothing in my power could change that.

Moving on was the disappointing option left for me to ponder.

Suddenly remembering seasons changed allowed hope to flow, knowing the campground would go from a frigid winter to a blooming spring meant the relationship could see a new season as well. While not permanent, the problem would require patience.

I can happily say an open heart led to the relationship’s restoration.

Which raises the question.

Is there a relationship or lack thereof causing you pain?

Could our seasons be wrong for events we are expecting?

Disappointment has the ability to blind us all. Maybe it’s not a relationship, maybe you are trying to camp where it’s closed. Thinking we are ready and wanting something doesn’t change the season we’re in. I pray you can surrender whatever it is you’re holding on to and ask God to help you to let it go and wait for His timing (season) and show you what you can do in the waiting.


“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Closed Campground
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