Rebuilding Love provides resources, prayer support, and a safe environment for those struggling with addictions and mental illness.

We believe that no circumstance, situation, or mistake is beyond God’s redemptive love and we embrace each member of our community through the example provided for us by Jesus.

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  • mangoesAre People Stealing Your Mangoes?

    Last week I went out to run a quick errand in the morning. I was only gone about 20 minutes, but when I returned there was 3 strangers on my property taking mangoes from my tree! I didn’t make a peep. I am

  • Closed CampgroundClosed Campground

    Many years ago my family planned a camping trip in the middle of winter, a very exciting time for us all. While packing and beginning to leave all the preparations were made. As we began to leave I remembered thinking…

  • Snorkeling Lessons From GodSnorkeling Lessons From God

    Recently I’ve become very adventurous. I love trying new things. Well, a few weeks ago, I decided to go snorkeling in the Keys. I had been only snorkeling one time in the ’80s. Truth be told, I’m not a good

  • SEVERE DEPRESSION INCAPACITATES YOUSevere Depression Incapacitates You

    Depression is not something you just get over. Since being diagnosed with severe chronic depression almost 20 year ago, I have heard every possible good natured “cure” imaginable. “You can just get over it.” It’s just feelings.” “Have you prayed about it”. “Other people have it worse than you do.” “Be a man.” “Read your Bible more.” The list does go on and some of them even work for a short period of time, but not for long.

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  • eating-dissorderI Am Eating To Mask My Emotions

        As I write this, I am sitting in a parking lot planning my next binge eating session at a Chinese restaurant. I am alone and emotional. I am not going out to have dinner with friends and have

  • Dealing with bipolar disorderDealing With Bipolar Disorder

    My home life just felt like torture, but I didn’t understand why. And having parents that told me to grow up and get over it really didn’t help. So when I finally became an “adult”, I didn’t handle it well. I got married way too young, became an alcoholic, and just hated the whole world.

  • The Unseen FriendThe Unseen Friend

    Love said some things in truth to overcome the evil in my friend. When she called multiple times threatening suicide, I listened and tried to reason with her, but I realized it wasn’t her talking, it was Suicide. What became the last time that Suicide called, I knew who I was talking to and I had enough of its control over my friend. So I called its bluff. I knew the Suicide bully’s strength was held in its threat and the bully’s fire was the fear of it following through. I was done reasoning in my own strength so I called its bluff. I honestly never thought about my story until I was asked to tell it here. I wept and Jesus healed my heart of what I bore in love back then, residue pain left behind. It was always about my friend and her restoration and that’s okay because she’s worth it.

  • Mental IllnessDon’t Ignore The Signs of Mental Illness

    When he attempted suicide by drug overdose I realized something more serious was going on. He planned it so we would be there to see him suffer. That angered me a lot because Dad was supposed to be around to take care of us. We had no idea he needed to be taken care of. He was admitted to a Mental Institution for a few weeks. We didn’t talk about what happened to anyone. We were told Dad was” crazy” and that was all we knew. While he was in the hospital I believe Mom made the divorce final and we found ourselves relocating to her new life which pushed Dad further away. We didn’t know what to think or who to turn to for guidance.

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